Yogurt of "Belaya Reka" TM is produced on the basis of pasteurized milk, normalized by mass fraction of fat and solids, with or without sugar, flavorings, fruit and berry fillers, thickeners, stabilizer, vegetable protein and other ingredients. Fruit and berry fillers are added with constant stirring into the mixture, which is pre-cooled to the fermentation temperature. Then the whole mass is still mixed for 15 minutes. The fermented mixture is poured into a special container and sent to a thermostatic chamber with a constant temperature of 38-42 degrees for 3-4 hours, where the mass is ripened. After this, the clot is checked for strength and acidity, and the finished product is transported to the refrigerator for cooling to a temperature of 6 degrees.


Type of packaging Pure-pack
Diamond Curve
Fat content 2,5%
Shelf life up to 14 days
Volume 0,5 л.

Store at +2°C to +6°C


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